Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition at Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Anne Desmet
Anne Desmet

The Center for Contemporary Printmaking schedules five major exhibitions per year, in the Grace Ross Shanley Gallery, including an Annual Members’ Exhibition, and 3 solo or group shows featuring prominent printmaking artists. The Biennial International Footprint Competition and Exhibition takes place on even-numbered years and the Biennial International Miniature Print Competition and Exhibition takes place on odd-numbered years.

On view through September 1 is the 9th Biennial Miniature Print Exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking located on 299 West Ave. in Norwalk. Visitors can view 225 tiny prints on the wall and 600 additional miniature prints in loose-leaf portfolios. View original miniature prints from 30 countries worldwide, including Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, England, Estonia, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Thailand, Germany, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden and the Ukraine.

S. Ragavan
S. Ragavan

A series of workshops are also being offered in July. To register for a workshop call 203-899-7999 or email

On July 17 there will be a workshop on the figure and the monotype with Monitor Nomi Silverman from 6 to 9 pm and is open to 6 participants. Participants in this class will work from the model, using printing inks and working in much the same way as Degas. The work is printed with the assistance of artist/printmaker Nomi Silverman. Subsequent reworked impressions can also be pulled to achieve depth of color. Or as Degas frequently did, a second paler or ghost impression can also be printed and used as a ground for later pastel additions.

A two day weekend workshop on painterly solarplate prints will take place from July 20-July 21 with Kate McGloughlin. Participants will create a suite of painterly prints using solar plates and monoprinting techniques to realize their imagery. Workshop participants are invited to bring existing solar plates, or create new ones, using wet and dry media to discover the rich visual vocabulary achieved by various inking and wiping techniques.

A four-day workshop will take place from July 26- July 29 on the painterly print with Julio Valdez. his intensive workshop combines two of the most exciting and safe contemporary printmaking techniques: “silk aquatint” and “monotype”. Participants use waterbased inks and a silk aquatint (silk collagraph) plate, a non-acid alternative to etching, to create a series of prints and related works on paper.

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