Traditional Bark Basket Workshop June 24

Native Americans have created baskets for centuries. In fact, archeologists believe that baskets making is one of the oldest known crafts in the world. If you have always wanted to learn how to create a Native American bark basket, join the workshop conducted by Jennifer Lee of Pequot and Narragansett ancestry on June 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Institute of American Indian Studies located on 38 Curtis Road in Washington, Connecticut.

About Native American Baskets

Native American baskets range from very simple to very elaborate and the art of basket making was passed down from generation to generation among Native American Indian mothers to their daughters.

The first step in bark basket making was the harvesting of pine, ash or birch bark in the spring. The bark was then folded into the shape of a container and sewn together with spruce root and rimmed with Arrowwood or Red Osier Dogwood. Bark baskets made by Eastern Woodland Indians were used for cooking, gathering berries, hauling water, storing food, as cradleboards and even for burying the dead.

About the Workshop

Jennifer Lee is an 18th-century re-enactor and material culture presenter that offers a variety of programs including bark basket making demonstrations and workshops. She portrays an Algonkian woman of the 1750 era. Lee is also a teller of history and traditional stories. “I want my programs to dispel old stereotypes and increase awareness of present-day Native Americans.”

Participants in this workshop will learn about the lore and tradition of basket making while creating their very own bark basket. Lee will guide participants through the process of creating a bark basket using white pine bark, spruce root, and willow. Participants can choose from three different basket designs and are sure to treasure their creation at the end of the day.

To participate in this workshop, please pre-register by calling (860) 868-0518 or emailing to reserve your spot. The cost of this workshop ranges from $50 to $60 depending on the basket that you choose to make. Please note that prepayment is required.

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