Mark Twain & The American Presidents @ Sharon Historical Society

“Mr. Roosevelt is the Tom Sawyer of the political world of the twentieth century; always showing off; always hunting for a chance to show off; in his frenzied imagination the Great Republic is a vast Barnum circus with him for a clown and the whole world for the audience.” – Mark Twain, autobiographical dictation, December 1907

On Friday, June 22 at 5 pm the Sharon Historical Society and Museum and the Sharon Town Hall present the next lecture their “History at the Hall” series, entitled “Mark Twain and the American Presidents.”

Mallory Howard and Jason Scappaticci of the Mark Twain House & Museum will explore Twain’s frank observations on American culture in the Gilded Age pointing out how these observations often still ring true today. “Corruption, national identity, the power of big business, and America’s global role” were just as contested then as they are now. Mark Twain’s funny, insightful observations about presidents of his day apply readily to the present political world and make for an entertaining discussion.

The lecture will be held at the Sharon Town Hall, 63 Main St., 2nd floor Chapin Meeting Room and is free and open to the public. For more information call 860-364-5688 or e-mail

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