Wilton Scavenger Hunt! October 16-23

Brand new to town? A resident for 50 years? A visitor that wants to learn more about this quintessential New England town? No matter, you will be amazed at what you don’t know about Wilton’s history, and the Wilton Historical Society is information central!

The History is Here! The Wilton Scavenger Hunt will kick off on Saturday, October 16. Come to the Wilton Historical Society’s Great Wilton Pumpkin Fest between 2 – 4 to register, pick up your Scavenger Hunt Kit, and set out to follow the clues to a dozen places around town. This is a great opportunity for family fun, to get outside, explore Wilton, and maybe even win a prize!

As you follow the clues, the History Is Here Wilton Scavenger Hunt will take you north, south, east, west, and in between as you discover places with a surprising past. Learn about war heroes, sports history, suffrage, sensational murder, and life in Wilton long ago. Follow the map (can your kids read a map?) to each location. Use your powers of observation to find and scan the QR code there – you will be rewarded with a short video with clues, historical photos, and a fascinating nugget of information about what happened at the very spot where you are standing. Put stickers on the map to mark the places you have found. Do it all in one day, or over the course of a week.

Return to the Wilton Historical Society on Saturday, October 23 from 3-4 pm for doughnuts and cider to celebrate all you have learned. There you can find out if you have won any of the amazing prizes that all registered participants have a chance at.

At the Great Wilton Pumpkin Fest, on Saturday, October 16th from 2:00 – 4:00, there will be pumpkins and mums for purchase, cider and doughnuts, blacksmith demonstrations, lawn games for kids, pumpkin decorating, and much more! Wilton Historical Society members free; non-member families $25.
Wilton Historical Society, 224 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT 06897 203-762-7257

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