Amaryllis @ White Flower Farm

White Flower Farm is an icon in the Litchfield Hills that is known nationally for its extraordinary plant offerings and beautiful display gardens. If you like to plan ahead for the holidays, then check out the website offering of their glorious Amaryllis plants that will be in full bloom in December.

White Flower Farm is offering over 70 Amaryllis varieties and provides one of the best selections of this festive plant in the country. Their Amaryllis blubs are the top size commercially available, larger than what is generally available at retail stores, and produce incredible, ruffled blooms in a range of rich colors. White Flower Farm’s Amaryllis bulbs have been fully prepared at the proper temperature.

Given warm temperatures, strong light, and water upon arrival, they will put on a spectacular show 8 to 10 weeks later with blooms that will brighten up even the gloomiest winter day.

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