Litchfield’s Pet Parade

On July 4th the Litchfield Historical Society is once again hosting the annual Pet Parade and Turn of the Century Fest from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Tapping Reeve Meadow on 82 South Street in Litchfield.


All pets – dogs, cats, snails and even stuffed animals are invited to the meadow to fete Independence Day.  If you want to participate in the parade and bring your ped to the judge’s booth to be given their award, you must pre-register. All participating pets must be registered for judging and be either on a leash or in a cage. If applicable, pets must be up-to-date on vaccines.  To register your pet for free click here. Afterward, join in on the fun-filled, family amusements such as sack races, and tuck of war contests. Don’t miss the photo booth were you can take images perfect for family scrapbooks and memories.

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