Summer Camps @ The Glebe House

The Glebe House located on Old Hollow Road in the heart of Woodbury is offering a series of engaging summer camps for kids that are unique, fun and educational. This year, for three weeks, a series of hands on learning sessions will be offered at this historic site that will span Colonial and Victorian life in Woodbury.


The first session that runs from July 12 through July 16, is focused on “Hands on History” and ideal for children ages 6 through 12 years. Kids will step back to 18th century Woodbury and experience living history by making candles, playing colonial games, churning butter and learning about all the clever gadgets in the museum that eased chores for people living during this historic era.

The second session runs from July 19-23, and is called the “Art of the Garden.” There is no better place to learn about the art of the garden then at a museum that curates the only garden designed by famed British gardener, Gertrude Jekyll. At this summer camp, kids will have fun tending and learning about the Colonial Children’s Garden. They will also learn about container gardening, the importance of herbal remedies at this time, and even have the chance to paint in the garden.

The third session is a series of themed day programs that will run from 9 am to 1 pm and are perfect for kids ages 10 to 15. This series of programs includes an exciting roster of activities that is instructive and inspiring. On the July, 26 there is a session on Colonial Lighting and tin lanterns, on July 27,  there is a Colonial cooking program, July 28 offers print and block making, July 29, basket making and July 30, the art of simple weaving and textiles. These hands on engaging sessions are sure to delight children teaching them skills from the past that can be used today.

All sessions are limited to 12 children. For more information and to register for these unique programs that celebrate early American history, horticulture, arts and trade, click here. or email or call 203-263-2855.

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