Native American Holiday Arts and Crafts Market

Litchfield Hills is dotted with many holiday fairs and festivals. For those that are looking for something really unusual, take a trip to the Institute for American Indian Studies on 38 Curtis Road in Washington Connecticut to shop for authentic Native American Arts and Crafts.

At the Institute’s annual Native American Holiday Arts and Crafts Market you will find a wide array of unusual holiday gifts from local Native American crafters. Visitors can shop for a wide variety of Native American crafts, jewelry, and artwork. Among the more unusual items are beautifully handwoven baskets from colorful reeds and bark, hand-painted decorative gourds, authentically made Native American pottery, rattles, and elegant handcrafted flutes.

All the items found here are offered at a variety of price points so no matter what your budget is, you might very well find that perfect gift item. In addition to finding something truly unusual, visitors will have the opportunity to chat with Native American crafters as they create these unique and beautiful items.

The Native American Holiday Arts and Crafts Market is taking place at the Institute on November 30 and December 1; December 7 and 8, and December 14 and 15. This special Native American Holiday Market will be open Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sundays from 12 pm to 5 p.m. The entrance to the Holiday Market is free!

About The Institute for American Indian Studies
Located on 15 acres of woodland acres the Institute For American Indian Studies preserves and educates through archeology, research, exhibitions, and programs. They have a 16th c. Algonquian Village, Award-Winning Wigwam Escape, and a museum with temporary and permanent displays of authentic artifacts from prehistory to the present that allows visitors to foster a new understanding of the world and the history and culture of Native Americans. The Institute for American Indian Studies is located on 38 Curtis Road, Washington, CT.

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