Autumn Wood Firing @ Cornwall Bridge Pottery

Have you ever wanted to see a professional potter fire pottery in the traditional way? Now you can on November 12 starting around 10 a.m. at Cornwall Bridge Pottery located on 69 Kent Road South in Cornwall Bridge.

Todd Piker, owner of the pottery will be starting the preheat at 12 noon Sunday, November 10 and full fire will begin at about 10pm Monday night November 11. By early Tuesday morning (4 am) November 12 the kiln will be in full fire mode and we would like to invite all interested parties to come and take a peek. Hopefully, the firing will be done by late afternoon on Tuesday.

If you are keen to take part please plan your visit after 10 am on Tuesday, November 12 as this is when they will be most in need of extra hands thru the end of the firing (usually late in the afternoon). They have gloves and beverages and will be very grateful for your participation. Consider shooting Todd an email ( if you are fairly certain of the time you will be in attendance and if you would like to participate. However, not to worry if your schedule precludes any advance notice. The public is more than welcome at any part of the Firing.

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