Fierce and Fragile: Big Cats in the Art of Robert Dallet at the Bruce Museum

The Bruce Museum located on One Museum Dr. in Greenwich Connecticut has organized a new exhibition called Fierce and Fragile: Big Cats in the Art of Robert Dallet that will run through March 13, 2016. Best of all proceeds from this exhibit will benefit Panthera.


Interestingly, Hermès, the Parisian luxury house, and Panthera, the global wild cat conservation organization, have joined forces as leaders in their fields to mount this first ever major exhibition of the works of the master French animal painter Robert Dallet on the tenth anniversary of his death. The exhibition is a celebration of the beauty and allure of big cats and a call to protect their wild populations for generations to come. The paintings have been selected from Hermès’ own collection and from that of Dallet’s son, Frederic.


The show will feature approximately 60 of the artist’s paintings, drawings, and sketches, illustrating the eight big cat species: tiger, lion, leopard, cheetah, cougar, jaguar, snow leopard and clouded leopard. True to Dallet’s passion as a wildlife naturalist, the exhibition offers an in-depth look at the science and biology of the big cats while examining the conservation challenges the animals face today. Offering a cross-disciplinary approach that brings together art, design, and science, this exhibition provides a visual framework for a powerful conservation message. The exhibition will launch at the Bruce Museum and is scheduled for an international tour throughout Europe and Asia in 2016 – 2017.


Thanks to a collaboration between the Bruce Museum and Hermès of Paris, general admission will be free from January 10 – March 13, 2016, during regular gallery hours. By waiving admissions, the Bruce and Hermès illustrate their commitment to the understanding and appreciation of art and science to a greater audience.

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