Mary Silliman’s War Film Screening at the Greenwich History Museum

The Greenwich Historical Society is hosting a film on Thursday, January 21 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Vanderbilt Education Center on 39 Strickland Ave. in Cos Cob. Imagine that it is the fourth year of the American Revolution, and conflict is raging. Not only are Americans at war with the English, but they are at odds amongst themselves. Mary Silliman’s town of Fairfield, Connecticut, and her own family are no exception. Her neighbors are divided between those still loyal to the King of England and those fighting for independence.


Mary is in conflict with her husband Selleck, a fierce patriot and prominent state’s attorney, for prosecuting old friends and neighbors and harshly applying revolutionary justice. She struggles through the war to manage a farm and its finances, entertain officers, and house refugees, but when Selleck is kidnapped and held for ransom, she is also required to set a dangerous plot in motion to win his freedom.

Mary Silliman’s War offers a seldom-depicted female, civilian perspective on the day-to-day hardships wrought by the American Revolution. The award-winning film directed by Stephen Surjik, is based on Joy Day Buel and Rich Buel Jr.’s book The Way of Duty, with materials taken from Mary’s diary and letters exchanged with Selleck during his imprisonment, many now archived with the Silliman family papers at Yale University.

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