The Design Show at Peter Lawrence Gallery

The Peter Lawrence Gallery is proud to announce a new exhibit “The Design Show” which will run from October 12-November 11, 2012, with an opening reception on Sunday, October 14, 2012 from 1-5 pm.

The Design Show will feature handmade, sustainable, live-edge furniture by award winning woodworker Peter Lawrence Scalera, and assemblage pieces by Arista Baltronis made of antique tools that have been refurbished and covered with Swarovski Crystals.

Scalera, who is co-owner and regular exhibitor at the Peter Lawrence Gallery will premiere a new series of “wood under glass” pieces at this show. Scalera has been working in wood design for over forty years, and recently completed a full, custom furniture fit-out at CraftBar in NYC. Additionally, he has completed major projects at Eva Scrivo Salon, Craft Restaurant, Colicchio and Sons restaurant (also in NYC), and numerous residential interiors in NY and CT. The 2010 “Best in Show” recipient at the Providence “Fine Furnishings and Craft Show” says of his own work: “I’ve always thought of my work as ‘Functional Art.’ Function plays a large part in my designs.”

Arista Baltronis will exhibit work from her ‘hardware on the rocks” series of assemblage pieces. Baltronis meticulously refurbishes old tools of all kinds before applying Swarovski Crystals to the surface of each piece, transforming old tools into works of art. Baltronis, whose past exhibitions include the Alexandria Museum in Los Angeles, and the Viridian Gallery in NYC says of her work “I am having such fun with this new direction of work. It is very exciting and challenging to learn new skills and new techniques and apply them to an everyday object to make it into something completely unique.”

The Peter Lawrence Gallery is located at 703 Kent Road in Gaylordsville, CT, and is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm. There is no admission charge to the gallery or to any gallery event. We are continuing to exhibit sculptures by James Travers in the sculpture garden through November. For more information please visit For travel information

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