Bocce Tourney in Norfolk – October 2

The bucolic village of Norfolk, Connecticut, famous for its Summer and Winter WIN (Weekend in Norfolk) is continuing the fun this fall with the 4th annual Bocce Tourny, on Sunday, October 2 behind the Station Place Cafe, 10 Station Place in the center of Norfolk. Folks will be gathering and teams will be formed starting at 3 p.m.and the tournament will start shortly thereafter. To add to the fun, there will be a warm-up session before this friendly competition begins, so make sure that you come early to secure your practice throws!

Regardless if you join in the competition or are a spectator, this ancient game is fun to watch. The first known documentation of bocce dates to a wall painting in an Egyptian tomb with two boys playing in 5200 BC. The game spread throughout the ancient world to Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome. It was played just about everywhere from temples to grand estates by young and old alike, as well as by men and women thanks to its ease and versatility. It remained popular throughout the centuries with Giuseppe Garibaldi, who, while unifying and nationalizing Italy, popularized the sport as we know it today. Bocce has been an Olympic Sport since 1896, when the first modern World Olympics were held in Athens, Greece.

At this popular Norfolk Connecticut event, there will be four people per team, if you come with less than four people, no worries, the organizers will pair you up with a team. If you don’t want to play, there is plenty of space to cheer contestants on while watching this ancient sporting competition in a quaint New England town against the backdrop of spectacular fall foliage. If you work up an appetite, there are plenty of restaurants within easy walking distance; as well as a taco food truck that adds to the fun. If you have questions or want to register, at no cost, email…and, let the game begin!


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