Take A Spanish Cooking Class @ Winter WIN Starting Feb. 20

There is nothing as comforting on a cold winters day than cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Winter WIN kicks off on Saturday, February 20 with a series of live and on-demand videos. One of the most anticipated videos is the Spanish cooking class. If you have always wanted to make an authentic Spanish meal for your family don’t miss the ON-Demand cooking class with Martiña Gago.

Tortillas de Patatas (Spanish omelet or Spanish tortilla) is a traditional dish from Spain and one of the signature dishes in Spanish cuisine. It is an omelet made with eggs and potatoes, sometimes including onion. It can be served hot, or at room temperature as a tapa.

Martiña Gago, who will demonstrate this recipe, is from Santiago de Compostela (Galicia). Although Galicia is less known than some of Spain’s more touristed cities and areas like Madrid, Barcelona, or Seville, and has much more in common with the British Isles, it is highly regarded as having some of the best food in Spain. This area of Spain is well known for its simple cooking style and emphasis on high quality, fresh ingredients. The great thing about this recipe is that it’s ubiquitous and can be found on menus from the finest restaurants to truck stops. Spaniards have a very high standard for food, so it’s always good!

Before watching, we suggest you download and print the list of ingredients and equipment needed to make this recipe. Now’s your chance to learn how to make one of Spain’s signature dishes, Tortillas de Patatas (Spanish omelet), made with eggs, potatoes, and (optionally) onions. Bon appetit!

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