American Artisan Show @ Wilton Historical Society

The Renowned American Artisan Show sponsored by the Wilton Historical Society is returning virtually this year, November 5- December 5. The 35th Annual American Artisan Show is the highlight of the season. There will be everything from fine and folk paintings to tramp art and much much more.

Fifty highly-skilled artisans from across the country will be presenting their work online and its influences that have been part of American fine handwork since the 18th century. Every purchase benefits the Wilton Historical Society. Shaker-style furniture, pottery, baskets, candles, quilts, Windsor chairs, rugs, floor cloths, art, tavern signs, fine jewelry – and even beautifully turned peppermills will be available for purchase. A highlight of the show is the silent auction.

Don’t miss the tips page on how to navigate this website. It is easy and fun to use. To start shopping online click here. The Artisan Show is a fundraising event so no tax is charged on purchases. Please consider checking YES to covering credit card processing when you check out to offset fees to the Historical Society. Thank you!

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