Pseudo- Archeology…Martians, Atlanteans, and “Lost Tribes” @ Institute for American Indian Studies Oct. 30

The Institute for American Indian Studies, located in Washington, Connecticut is hosting the 15th annual Native American Archaeological Roundtable via Zoom on Friday, October 30 for $10. To register click The program will take place from 11 am to 2 pm on both days.

Pseudo-archaeology is also known as an alternate, fringe, or cult archaeology. It is a study that has drawn not only professionals but also the American public. Initially, these pseudoarchaeological ideas were most accessible through books, such as Erich Von Däniken’s Chariot of the Gods? (1968), which has sold over 65 million copies (Bond 2018). In recent decades, however, television and the internet have spread pseudoarchaeology to an increasingly large audience. Shows like Ancient Aliens comes immediately to mind.

In this evocative roundtable discussion concepts such as aliens, giants, and Atlanteans will combine with the most visible archaeological sites around the world, and the romantic fantasies generated that often offers a wider appeal than the boring truth. Yet often, the ideas behind pseudo- archaeology hold racist and even dangerous ideas. This year’s roundtable brings together scholars who study this phenomenon to help explain not only the motivations behind these theories but also why they are so attractive to us.

IAIS is proud to be hosting this event online! There will be many discussions about different sites in the Americas, and research being done to uncover them in an effort to increasing access to a public looking for answers. The goal is to find innovative ways to share real archaeological research and to discuss the pitfalls of pseudoarchaeology.

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