Educational Exploration – Private Classes Now Offered @ Institute for American Indian Studies

This September, the Institute for American Indian Studies in Washington Connecticut is offering three-hour private educational programs in the new Educational Exploration program that will spark your child’s curiosity with a learning experience outside the classroom. The Institute’s private lessons will teach important life skills that can be tailored for students from kindergarten to Grade 12.

The new Educational Exploration Private Lessons were developed in response to the social isolation encountered by children this past spring and summer. The private lesson courses have been fine-tuned using the Institution’s 45 years of experience educating countless school groups that have visited. The Museum educational staff has designed private lessons to provide students with engaging and meaningful experiences that leverage the Institute’s collections and grounds. Components of these private classes will include the study of earth sciences, social sciences, social studies, survival techniques, traditional skills, and archeology. A special add on bonus is an experience in the award-winning Wigwam Escape room that will take students back to the year of 1518.

Age-appropriate private lessons are a good educational balance for children that are either learning remotely from home or going to school just two or three days a week. The Institute’s private lessons offer one-on-one education and mentorship for those interested in further developing skills, working on special projects, or fulfilling a special interest. They will feature hands-on, interdisciplinary, inquiry-based programs led by experienced museum educators on a variety of interesting topics that will have connections to core social studies, science, reading, and writing curricula.

Educational Exploration programs are three hours long and are offered in the morning or in the afternoon and range from the minimum cost of $85 for members to $105 for non-members per lesson for one to three children. To book private lessons, call the Institute’s Education Department at 860-868-0518, Ext. 103 or email Siblings, cousins, neighbors, and friends are welcome. There is an additional per child charge of $20 for more than three children. Wigwam Escape, an award-winning escape room can be included in any program for an additional fee.

Educational Exploration programs can be customized based on age, the number of participants, and topics for additional fee. Students and staff are required to wear masks inside the museum. First aid and CPR certified staff members will be present at all times

About the Institute for American Indian Studies
Located on 15 acres of woodland acres the Institute For American Indian Studies preserves and educates through archeology, research, exhibitions, and programs. They have the 16th c. Algonquian Village, Award-Winning Wigwam Escape, and a museum with temporary and permanent displays of authentic artifacts from prehistory to the present that allows visitors to foster a new understanding of the world and the history and culture of Native Americans. The Institute for American Indian Studies is located on 38 Curtis Road, Washington,

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