The American Museum of Tort Law Opens Online Galleries

The American Museum of Tort Law, founded by Ralph Nader has just launched a new online tour of some of their exhibits. This online exhibit features the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning artists such as Matt Wuerker whose artwork eloquently illustrates famous Tort Law cases. To access the online galleries click here.

This online exhibit explains tort law and trial by jury illustrating how both of these legal procedures have impacted the lives of thousands of consumers with positive and progressive outcomes. Dangerous Toys, for example, shows how the world has been made a safer place for children. The online gallery focuses on precedent-setting cases. These cases highlight the building blocks of righting wrongs that impact present and future cases. These cases reflect the constantly evolving nature of tort law and show why it is important. Once case not to miss is Nader V. General Motors Corp., 1970 that is also documented in his book, Unsafe at any Speed. From wiretapping and a car with major flaws, this read is fascinating and artfully illustrated.

The Museum of Tort Law is located in Winsted and has a mission to educate, inform and inspire Americans about Trial by Jury and the benefits of tort law, or the law of wrongful injuries including car crashes, defective products, medical malpractice, and environmental disasters.

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