The Institute for American Indian Studies Presents…Etuaptmumk- Two-Eyed Seeing February 22

On Saturday, February 22, the Institute of American Indian Studies is hosting a culturally important program on research and sharing in regard to Indigenous People called Etuaptmumk- Two-Eyed Seeing. Etuaptmumk is a Mi’kmaw saying that translates to “Two-Eyed Seeing.” This concept refers to learning how to see from one eye the strengths of Indigenous knowledge and from the other eye the strengths of Western knowledge. The idea of “Two-Eyed Seeing” has been developed by Albert Marshall, an environmental voice and culture keeper for Eskasoni First Nation in Cape Breton.

Join the IAIS Education Coordinator and Traditional Storyteller Darlene Kascak, Schaghticoke Tribal Nation along with IAIS Educator and Ecologist Susan Scherf for an interactive presentation and discussion that examines how people can include Etuaptmumk or “Two-Eyed Seeing” concept in their daily lives. This method of thought and research is a way for Native and Non-Native people to understand one another and to collaborate. Community engagement between the two groups is of paramount importance and leads to authenticity.

This fascinating program strives to share research paradigms and approaches that align with Indigenous worldviews. A trend in the academic world, that many scholars are using Marshall’s Two-Eyed Seeing as a framework to understand and use western methods and theory with indigenous knowledge. When Indigenous people become part of the research rather than those being researched, the results of this research and understanding will be transformed. Questions will be framed differently and priorities will change.

The Etuaptmumk- Two-Eyed Seeing program takes place at 1:30 p.m. on February 22 and is included in the price of admission that is $10 adults, $8 seniors, and $6 children.

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