Two Programs @ White Memorial Foundation in February

White Memorial Foundation in Litchfield is hosting two very interesting programs this week that is sure to chase away the winter blues. The first program takes place on February 11 from 9 am – 11 am with a focus on instinctive birding. Join birder Kristi Dranginis (founder of Bird Mentor: on the second Tuesday of each month for a golden opportunity to dive deep into the practice of Instinctive Birding. Winter is a wonderful time to participate in this nearly lost art. Learn to interpret the subtle signs and voices of the birds while also becoming more proficient with your bird ID skills.

You will begin observing the unfolding story of the landscape with a bird sit. Please bring something to sit on (camp chair, cushion, etc) and a blanket to keep you warm if you like. Minty hot cocoa will be provided, so bring your mug. We’ll then transition inside where we’ll warm up and peel away the layers of the mysteries that presented themselves to us during our sit. The sessions will average about 2 hours, but feel free to head out whenever you need to. Open to all experience levels. Dress for the weather! Will take place snow or shine! Head on over to

The second program takes place on February 15 and begins at 2 p.m. Participants will meet Lavender the Virginia Opossum and her friends Pam and Bill Lefferts from Ferncroft Wildlife Rehabilitation in Woodstock! There is a wonderfully interesting reason why the Lefferts chose this day for their program celebrating this most misunderstood mammal! Learn fascinating fun facts about North America’s only marsupial during a one-hour presentation that will also address the rescue center’s work in wildlife rehabilitation and how you can make your backyard into a wildlife sanctuary.

And, if you have children ages 12 and under, February 16-22 is museum children free week when accompanied by an adult.

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