Pasta Making Class and Supper with Chopped champion Silvia Baldini

The Stamford Museum and Nature Center is kicking off January with several dynamic adult programs that’s all about enjoying social connection, cultural exploration and continued learning with the added benefit of flavor and fun! 

On January 30 from 7 to 9 pm, for example, there will be a pasta-making class and supper with chopped champion Silvia Baldini.

Creating the perfect handmade pasta is a combination of art and science, but it needn’t be intimidating. Dive in hands first with chef and Food Network “Chopped” Champion, Silvia Baldini, and learn simple steps to a variety of shapes, styles, and textures.

The class will be followed by a feast of our own creation. The former chef at the Ritz in London, Silvia is the founder of Strawberry & Sage, and a recent inductee to the prestigious Les Dames d’Escoffier NY.

To Register click here.

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