How to Save Footprints on the Moon @ New Canaan Historical Society

On July 20, 1969,  Neil Armstrong put an American flag on the moon. As we stare up at the moon in the summer night sky, some of us remember this amazing technological accomplishment, and think, this is when the history of the moon was forever changed by the presence of mankind.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission’s return to earth, the New Canaan Museum & Historical Society is proud to present New Canaan residents, Michelle, and Tim Hanlon. They will speak on July 24th at 7 pm about their foundation, For All Moonkind, and its efforts to enact lasting preservation laws for outer space. Come see their incredible power point, hear about the history of moon exploration, and learn about the work they are doing to protect the moon from exploitation. The program is free and refreshments will be served.

As Michelle Hanlon explains, “It has been said that Neil Armstrong may well be the only human being of our time remembered 50,000 years from now. Yet, the boot prints he and Buzz Aldrin left on the Moon, and all they memorialize and represent, are not recognized or protected by any binding law. This means they may be accidentally or intentionally damaged — or erased — without penalty. For All Moonkind is working to change that. 

Each of the lunar landing and similar sites in outer space is a fundamental part of our human story, marking an achievement unparalleled in human history. As unique and irreplaceable cultural and scientific resources, they must be protected from intentional or accidental disturbance or desecration. The current law governing outer space is silent about preservation.

For All Moonkind is the only organization in the world focused on creating an effective system to manage and preserve our common human heritage in outer space, including the very first Moonsteps. It is one of only 44 organizations designated as a Permanent Observer at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. It is comprised of an entirely volunteer international team of space lawyers, policymakers, scientists and communicators, all working to develop reasonable and practical protocols that will balance development and preservation. In developing systems to select, manage and study relevant sites, they seek to promote education, and exploration, as well as open the debate on equally pressing issues of property and resource extraction.”  At this program, guests will learn what is being done to protect our “outer space” heritage.

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