Back By Popular Demand – Docktails and Oysters A Special Event Hosted by Seaport Association, Norwalk

It’s that time of year again to put on your best Hawaiian shirt and join the Seaport Association at their popular Docktails and Oyster special event at Norm Bloom and Son, a fourth-generation oyster farm in Norwalk on Saturday, June 29 from 5 pm to 7pm.

This popular event celebrates the bounty of our Connecticut coastline and maritime heritage with the treasures of the sea – grown right here in Norwalk, clams, and oysters in bountiful quantities. The highlight of this event is the unlimited raw clam and oyster bar.

If you have never tasted oysters and clams literally fresh off the boat this is an unforgettable opportunity to eat your fill of them, our advice is to come hungry! It’s fun to watch the pros shuck the oysters before your eyes (they make it look so easy) and set them on trays with lemons and an assortment of sauces.

In addition to the unlimited clam and oyster bar, this Luau-themed event complete with ukulele music also offers passed and tabled appetizers. In keeping with the island vibe appetizers will include La Cochina Mojo roasted pork in mini taco’s with pineapple salsa, Kings Hawaain beef brisket sliders, gulf shrimp gazpacho shooters, smoked salmon on cucumber with smoked Vidalia aioli plus chorizo and vegetable empanadas.

Another added bonus is the opportunity to explore the dock at Norm Bloom Oysters and Son, one of the few remaining traditional oyster farms in the United States to learn about how these oysters are grown and harvested. Some of the oysters are incubated under the dock and, afterward planted on the sandy bottom of the sea that is all around you. Because of the meticulous process of the way these oysters are raised, Norwalk oysters are prized worldwide and known for their sweet briny flavor and plump meats.

As a maritime organization, the grand finale of this event is the annual Blessing of the Fleet. Tracing its origins back centuries to Mediterranean fishing villages, the annual Blessing of the Fleet ceremony hosted by the Seaport Association is based on a tradition meant to ensure a safe and bountiful season for the area’s commercial fishing community as well as for the Seaport’s vessel, C. J. Toth, that offers cruises to Sheffield Island from May through September.

This unique experience is limited to only 200 special guests so be sure to get your ticket early as this event is expected to be a complete sellout. Tickets are $75 online and, at the door if space permits. This event welcomes adults 21 and up only. For Tickets click here. And, after this fantastically fun event, there is still time to explore all that Norwalk has to offer.

About the Seaport Association

Formed in 1978 by a group of local citizens the Seaport Association offers a cultural, environmental, and historical journey to the Norwalk Islands. The Sheffield Island Lighthouse and the Light Keeper’s Cottage provides a unique historical and educational landmark that strives to increase awareness, appreciation, and consideration of our environment and how the preservation of historic buildings and nature contribute to our quality of life.

It is our belief that preservation strengthens the perpetual partnership between the past, present, and future. As an Association, we are dedicated in our efforts to preserve our maritime heritage, the environment of Long Island Sound, and helping children experience our 150-year-old lighthouse on Sheffield Island.

About Copps Island Oysters

Norm Bloom and Son founded in 1994 have spent countless hours on the water doing what they love most, harvesting and farming oysters. The Bloom family has been involved in the oyster business since the 1940s and today, Norm Bloom and Sons is one of the largest oyster farms on the east coast.

With an eye to the future, Norm Bloom and Sons have teamed up with marine biologists and local oystermen to preserve Long Island Sound in order to create a sustainable breeding and farming environment for the shellfish industry

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