DOGS: More Than Pets Exhibit at Stepping Stones Museum for Children

DOGS: More Than Pets, a limited-time, hands-on exhibit that immerses visitors in the incredible world of one of the noblest animals on Earth, the Dog, will debut at the award-winning children’s museum. From April 6 – July 7, museum visitors will get to bone up on man’s best friend with this new traveling exhibit that takes visitors inside the science, history, DNA, folklore and pop culture of dogs.

DOGS: More Than Pets is interactive, hands-on and filled with photo opportunities and hundreds of fascinating facts. Did you know a dog named Marjorie helped scientists discover insulin? Or that dogs were the first animals to orbit Earth in space? During its 3-month run at Stepping Stones, you’ll uncover these facts and so many more that will make you say “bow-wowzers.” You’ll explore human-canine cultural connections through hands-on activities like domestication, dog adoption, sensory activities, service dogs, and more. Find out what kind of dog is right for you based on friendliness, size, grooming, independence, barking and exercise. Meet some real, live dogs during at select presentations at scheduled times. And during a few special events during the exhibit’s run at Stepping Stones, meet some real, live dogs… SOME THAT YOU CAN ADOPT!

“Kids dig dogs,” said Brian Morrissey, Director of Exhibits at Stepping Stones Museum for Children. “Animals can teach children important social and emotional skills such as effective communication, empathy and how to manage emotions. DOGS: More Than Pets will help the museum showcase the importance of pet-friendly play and the learning opportunities provided by our pets.”

“We’re so thrilled here at Stepping Stones to be among the first to host DOGS: More Than Pets,” Morrissey continued. This limited-time exhibit offers something for every dog lover, from fun activities like “Be a Bloodhound” to Dog or Not a Dog, adults and children are going to have loads of hands-on, minds-on fun in this exhibit. Beyond the exhibit, we’re looking forward to the special, dog-related ‘treats’ that we’ve planned with our sponsors and community partners to coincide with its three-month run here. Whether you are a youngster or simply young-at-heart, this is certainly something that you don’t want to miss.”

Here are just a few of the many special programs the museum is hosting as part of the DOGS: More Than Pets exhibit experience at Stepping Stones. Be sure to visit us often!

Check in often because Stepping Stones have more “doggie treats” in store! For the most up-to-date information on program schedules and times, go to

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