Gallant Sons Of Erin – Free Concert @ Torrington Historical Society March 22

On March 22 at 7 pm the Torrington Historical Society is hosting a free concert featuring the Gallant Sons of Erin at Founders Hall Auditorium at Northwestern Community College located on Park Place East in Winsted. Participants will enjoy authentic Irish – American Music of the Civil War era and hear many tunes that have not been played publically in more than a century.

During the period of the American Civil War, songs started to emerge that reflected the Irish experience in terms of this conflict. Many believe that these ballads and their lyrics form part of an Irish cultural diaspora in mid.-nineteenth century America. They reveal what the war meant to the Irish involved and the impact this participation had on the relationship between the Irish, American and their identity in the 1860s.

The Gallant Sons were born out of a mutual interest in not only the sound of traditional and composed mid-nineteenth century American music, but its origins, impact, and value as a historical resource. In their roles as living historians, the Gallant Sons research and present the lives and culture of Irish-American immigrants of the American Civil War era. Their groundbreaking CD, “No Irish Need Apply” contains 14 selections drawn from the Civil War era. Many of these songs have never before been recorded by any artist. The Gallant Sons live performances are a mixture of high energy, emotion, stories, reflection, tribute, and remembrance. Audiences are treated not only to the history of the music but to the music as history.

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