New Workshop @ Franklin Street Artworks in Stamford Nov. 17

Join Franklin Street Artworks on November 17 from 1 pm to 3 pm for a hands-on workshop with “False Flag” curator and artist, Jeff Ostergren.

In this workshop, Ostergren will explore the rich possibilities of Salvador Dalí’s famous “paranoiac-critical method,” in which Dalí would induce himself into a paranoid state to produce surrealist work. Ostergren will begin by explaining the method and looking at examples both historical and current. This will include looking at the contemporary moment in a way that will suggest that we are already often existing in a constant paranoiac-critical state. He will then walk participants through a series of guided exercises intended to induce participants into a paranoiac-critical state, ideal for producing related artworks. Materials used will include ink, collage, and digital photography. Whether you’ve never picked up a paintbrush or are an established artist, all are welcome for an afternoon that is guaranteed to be strange, humorous, and fun.

RSVPs are not necessary but they help us plan! RSVP:

There are 3-hour parking meters just outside the entrance to the gallery on Franklin Street that are free after 7 p.m., and 25 cents per 15 minutes before 7 p.m. There is a lot with an attendant on Franklin Street just a couple of doors down on the right side of the street (closer to Broad Street) from Franklin Street Works. Rates are variable. There are also a number of parking garages nearby. The nearest are:

Entrance on Broad; $1 for the first 2 hours, then $2/hour, $11/day.

Summer Street Garage
Entrances on Lower Summer, Broad or Washington Blvd. Northbound;
$1/hour, $9/day, there is also an evening rate of $3/evening
Sat. & Sun. are free until 5pm.

Franklin Street Works has an ADA compliant, permanent ramp that can be accessed from Franklin Street and takes visitors to our back door downstairs. Please call Creative Director Terri C Smith’s cell at 203-253-0404 or email her at so we can open the door for you from the inside. Once inside there is an elevator available. Bathrooms are large and clear but do not have access bars.

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