“To Mexico & Back: Alison Palmer’s Paper and Clay” @ Brookfield Craft Center

There will be an opening reception from 5 to 7 pm on July 7 at the Brookfield Craft Center of the work of Alison Palmer, whose work will be on display through July 29. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday noon – 5pm, Saturday 11-5pm, Sunday Noon – 4pm.

Ms. Palmer resides in Kent. She received a BFA in ceramics from the California College of Arts. Her works are represented in numerous galleries, museum shops and catalogs throughout the U.S. a nd abroad.

Ms. Palmer’s work is about the celebration of life and the natural world. “Animal imagery in clay has always been my chosen expression. Sometimes I make pots into animals and sometimes animals out of my pots. My search is to find the balance between pottery form and animal form the winter fit as one. I strive to achieve a lighthearted meld”.

Spending time in Mexico has influenced her artistic direction and endeavors. “Spending the winter in Merida, Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. There is limited access to good clay there, but I wanted to continue practicing my art. I began making papier-mache masks since I wanted to make art that was relevant to Mexican culture. Papier-mache is accessible to everyone. Every child has at least one piñata for their birthday. The parades are full of giant puppets, gigantes, with masks made of papier-mache. It is my way of meeting and connecting with people”.

Howard Lasser, Brookfield Craft Center Executive Director said: “we are always excited to provide local artists a venue to exhibit their work, and this exhibition of multi media work is an exceptional opportunity for the public to see and experience a mix of work and cultural exploration”.

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