Connecticut Civilian Conservation Corps: Their History, Memories and Legacy

The Historical Society of Easton will be celebrating the 85th Anniversary of the founding of one of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s most successful programs during the Great Depression with a lecture on the History of Civilian Conservation Corps in Connecticut given by Marty Podskoch, an award-winning author, and historian. The PowerPoint presentation and lecture will be held on Sunday, March 18th at 4 PM at the Easton Public Library’s Community Room, 691 Morehouse Road, Easton.

Did you know that Connecticut had 21 Civilian Conservation Camps? The lecture will explore the Civilian Conservation Corps Camps that sprinkled Connecticut’s countryside, the works they accomplished and their legacy. The CCC was a public works program established as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal which operated from 1933 to 1942. It focused on young men and veterans in relief families who had difficulty finding employment during the Great Depression. The program provided unskilled manual labor related to environmental conservation and development of natural resources in rural lands. The US Army supervised the camps which had approximately 200 men each. Workers built trails, roads, campsites, dams, stocked fish, built and maintained fire towers, observers’ cabins and telephone lines, fought fires and planted millions of trees. The program was disbanded in 1942 due to the need for men in WWII.

Marty Podskoch a retired reading teacher and an award-winning author who has been recognized for his extensive work researching and documenting the history of the Catskills, the Adirondack fire towers, and the Civilian Conservation Corps Camps. Soon he will release a travel guide called Connecticut 169 Club: Passport and Guide to Exploring Connecticut. Marty will have several of his books available for sale and signing after the lecture.

While the lecture is free to all to attend, donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated to support the Historical Society’s efforts and future events. For more information please call the Historical Society of Easton at 203-292-3533, email us at or visit our website:

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