See Illuminating Images @ Barnum Museum Dec. 10

There will be a display of illuminating images at the historic Barnum Museum in Bridgeport on Sunday, December 10th at 2 p.m. Guests will enjoy this remarkable display of photographs by Jay Misencik and Geralene Valentine. The photographs are part of their “Poli’s Palace and Majestic Theatres Memories Project.” More information is available at

Misencik and Valentine operated their photo business from a studio in Bridgeport, CT for 16 years. They now work from their home in Monroe. Misencik taught photography at the University of Bridgeport and has given private seminars to both professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. Together they led “Kids with Cameras” walking tours in the Park City. As a co-founder and original board member of the Bridgeport Community Historical Society, Misencik has a wealth of knowledge about the historical importance of many buildings in the city of Bridgeport.

Misencik and Valentie’s personal Bridgeport projects include:

– Main Street, Bridgeport – Portraits of people with different occupations, 1989-1993
– The Thomas Merton Center, Bridgeport – “Portraits of People from a Sacred Place” 1994, 1999
– The Barnum Museum – “Faces on Main Street” exhibit, “Kids with Cameras” walking tours, 1993-1994
– Poli’s Palace & Majestic Theatres Memories Project – People share memories of times spent at the theatres – Current
– The Bridgeport Portrait Project – A cultural heritage project that will introduce you to the PEOPLE who make the City of Bridgeport more than just a PLACE – Current

To participate in the Poli’s Palace and Majestic Theatres Memory Project or The Bridgeport Portrait Project, please contact Jay or Geralene at 203-268-8306;

There is no registration required. A $5 donation is suggested. The event is free to members and children under 12.
For more information about this and other events, please visit or contact by phone at 203-331-1104 x100.

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