Through the Garden Gate in Norfolk

The National Iron Bank in Norfolk CT is presenting an exhibition of Leslie Watkins’ nature prints from October 30th through December 30th, 2017. The illustrations are featured in the Norfolk publication Norfolk Now and accompany Watkins’ monthly gardening column Through the Garden Gate. The column discusses a wide array of garden and nature subjects ranging from the practical to the philosophical.

The illustrations depict familiar and not so familiar animals, insects, plants and landscape vignettes. Many of the pictures are iconic and serve not only to illustrate their subjects but also function as decorative elements.

Watkins began writing her column in April of 2015 and the articles have become popular with the residents of Norfolk CT where many of the natural subjects abound. All 30 illustrations are on exhibit for the first time along with the original articles. The subjects vary from gardening to history, and from design to mythology. In addition to practical gardening advice the column has covered topics such as toads, honey bees, snowflakes, chickens, ticks and even garlic mustard.

Watkins has combined several areas of her expertise in these columns including painting, non-fiction nature writing and gardening. Leslie Watkins is an artist specializing in oil landscapes and nature inspired watercolors, a garden designer, and writer. She is the owner of Dandelion Gardening Arts, LLC, a garden design and maintenance business providing service to Norfolk and the surrounding towns. She has exhibited her paintings in New York City, Japan and throughout New England. She offers art workshops including painting, journal making and paper crafts. She occasionally lectures on art, gardening, and chickens. Currently she is working an illustrated collection of her writings for publication.

The individual hand painted prints are available for purchase at the Iron Bank in Norfolk. Orders for additional framed, prints may be placed with Watkins. Because each print is signed and hand colored each one is unique and original. The cost per print is $200. and each one comes with a copy of the article.

To place an order call (860) 542-3920 or email:

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