Oxford Historical Society 11th Annual Peach Festival

There is nothing as delicious as a summer peach and the Oxford Historical Society has organized a festival to celebrate this delicious fruit on Saturday, August 26 from 4-7 pm at the Great Hill United Methodist Church, located beside the Route 188 rotary at 225 Great Hill Road in Seymour.

Thi star of this event is scrumptious homemade peach shortcake with fresh Market 32 peaches and Rich Farm handmade peach ice cream plus a choice of beverages. Admission to the festival is $1.

Each year the Peach Festival has a theme and this year’s is “Oxford 100 Years Ago”. Highlights of this theme showcase life in this small New England farming town from 1915 -1920, as residents served abroad in World War I and worked at home to support the troops. One soldier who enlisted and was wounded in France was Clarence Roberts from Quaker Farms. His letters, uniform, and a number of artifacts from his years of service will be on display.

The festival also features displays on the Hale-Coleman Peach Farm, once located on Great Hill and Peach Farm Roads. Raising peaches was once a major enterprise in Seymour and Oxford.

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