Experience Birds of Prey @ Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy

The Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy located on 55 Duck Pond Road in Litchfield is one of the few facilities in the United States that offers a falconry experience run by Master Falconer and LRWC’s Director of Aviculture Nick Tiberio.

Master falconer Nick Tiberio is the Director of Aviculture at LRWC and has 16 years of experience working with birds of prey. He has hunted and flown a wide range of raptor species including hawks, falcons, and owls. Prior to joining the Conservancy, Nick worked as a professional abatement falconer in New York, training and flying a team of abatement falcons to deter pest birds from landfill grounds.

Participants in this unique experience will personally interact with birds of prey as well as learn about heir adaptations, conservation, and how they are trained and handled for falconry while watching their free-flight. It is an unforgettable experience to have one of these magnificent birds land on your gloved hand.
Falconry experiences will included a lesson on the the fascinating history of falconry, the equipment, the birds and their training as well as learning about the biology, life history, and conservation of birds of prey. There will be free flight demonstrations as well as a hunting demonstration, hawk walk and the chance to meet the Conservancy’s owls face to face.

LRWC is home to a diverse group of Birds of Prey that includes: Harris’s Hawk named “Alula”, aSaker Falcon named “Paris”, a Eurasian Eagle Owl named “Camo” and a Barn Owl named “Poppy”. Each bird has unique adaptations that make it a top predator in its respective environment and thus each brings a fascinating perspective to our falconry experiences.

The Introductory session is $100 per participant and $25 per non participant and includes handling and flying a a trained Harris’s Hawk while learning about raptor behavior and conservation.

A hawk walk that consists of a walk in the woods with a trained Harris’s Hawk flying back and forth from your glove to the trees while learning about raptor behavior and conservation is $150 per participant and $35 per non participant. The 90 minute extended experience where you will meet all the birds of prey os $225 per participant and $50 per non participant.

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