July 9- Walk in the footsteps of History in Fairfield

Go back in time with the Fairfield History Museum located on 370 Beach Street as they once again offer the historic walking tours — “The Burning of Fairfield”! On this tour, you will experience the Town’s burning as if you were there by walking in the foot steps of local residents that experienced the attack. Participants will learn about the events surrounding the attack on Fairfield at the time of the American Revolution.

The tour begins with costumed tour guides at the classic Fairfield town green with its lovely Congregational Church and colonial homes. Stroll back in time while exploring the history and events surrounding the attack on Fairfield by the British on July 7-8, 1779.

Listen to the Proclamation from British General William Tryon and Admiral Collier, to the people of Connecticut. Hear the anguished words of Eunice Burr, as she witnesses the ransacking and destruction of her home, at the site where it happened.
Young William Wheeler’s voice speaks to you of his family’s struggle to evacuate the town and his feelings of pride at the heroic actions of the local militia and the Fort at Black Rock as they work to fend off the Crown Forces.

Think about the somber after action report of Reverend Andrew Eliot as he reflects on the events of those two days in July, and their meaning for the town and its future.

It is recommended that you register for this tour in advance to guarantee your spot on the tour. Tickets may be purchased online; adults are $10 and Students are $5. The tours are offered on July 9 12:30 pm – 2 pm.

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