Father’s Day Cartooning Workshop for Kids @ Wilton Historical Society

On Saturday, June 17 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 pm. the Wilton Historical Society located on 224 Danbury Road is hosting a special Father’s Day program for kids on one of their favorite topics…cartoons! When people think of cartoons, they may think of comic books, political cartoons and “the funnies” in the Sunday newspaper when they were kids. But cartoons have been around in print and visual media for several hundred years; some of the earliest date to the 18th century in Britain.

Museum Educator Lola Chen will be discussing how cartoons evolved, and will use the Society’s current exhibition Dr. Seuss, Political Cartoons and the Battle Over Isolationism vs Intervention to show some examples. From the start, cartoons have been a way to lampoon and poke fun at the establishment and government. The kids will have a chance to draw their own cartoon, which may be a great gift for Father’s Day! Snack included, which the children will help prepare.

Suggested for ages 6 – 12. Wilton Historical Society members $10 per child, maximum $25 per family; Non-members $15 per child, maximum $35 per family. Please register: info@wiltonhistorical.org or call 203-762-7257.

Did You Know?
“The cartoon art form began with ‘caricatura’. A caricature – from the Italian caricare, to load or exaggerate – is a drawing that gives weight to the most striking features of its subject for comic effect. The great Italian masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Annibale Carracci and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, all drew caricatures. These were technical exercises in virtuosity with the aim of defining the essence of a person in a few deft strokes of the pen.” — The Cartoon Museum, London

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