Spring into Art Classes in April and May

If you are in an artistic mood this spring, why not learn art from a pro at Rossi Studios on 27 East Main Street in Torrington. Rossi Studios is the New England workshop of narrative artist/designer Karen Rossi. Highly regarded for her original metal sculptures, she also licenses and imports her whimsical characters of hobbies and professions, known as Fanciful Flights™. A growing brand, Rossi Studios is constantly introducing many programs.


In April and May participants can study with professional artist Karen Rossi at her studio and discover the world of art, famous artists and learn new techniques from drawing and painting to building sculptures. Saturday classes offered in April and May are geared for kids ages 7 and up and start at 10 a.m. The cost for the classes is $10. At 12 noon, Karen is offering classes for Adults (tweens and up) at the cost of $15. There is even a parent and child class offered at 2 p.m. for kids ages 3 and up at $10 per project.


The classes in April begin on April 1 where participants will learn how to adorn a small wooden chest with mosaics. The Jan Brett: Mitten/The Gingerbread Baby/The Three Snow Bears Activity Class takes place on April 8. The most recognizable part of Jan Brett’s illustrations is the way she frames her images and participants will learn how to transform their stories by framing photos and art pieces with a custom decorated frame!


The April 15 the class Nature’s Paint Brush celebrates Earth Day. Participants will learn how to create unique paintings using paint brushes made from elements of nature such as leaves, sticks, flowers, and herbs. On April 22 the artwork of Victoria Kann is explored In Victoria Kann’s Pinkalicious, readers learn the importance of balance in life. When things get a little too pink, Pinkalicious has to get more of pink’s complementary color, green. Bring a little more balance to your life by painting and building a stick statue using your favorite color and it’s complementary match. In anticipation of Cinco de Mayo, at the April 29 class, participants will make mini piñatas, colorful masks, and paper cut-out pennants.


There are three Saturday classes in May. On May 6 in anticipation of Mother’s Day the art of Kevin Henkes will be explored. Students will learn how to sculpt paper to create their own bouquet of chrysanthemums by creating various unique paper version of the flower. These creations are a perfect gift for moms, grandmothers, or teachers! On May 13 students will start by painting a watercolor background and will then be instructed to draw line art flowers over the dried watercolors to create a beautiful simplistic effect. On May 20, students will learn how to create a paper mosaic flag using various cut paper and will learn about how to create value using paper cut outs.


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