What you don’t know about Oysters

Westport Historical Society hosting a field trip to Norm Bloom & Son Copps Island Oyster Facility on Tuesday, August 30 at 9:30 am. For three generations Norm Bloom & Son has farmed and harvested oysters and clams from the clean, cold waters of the Connecticut Shore.

Participants will learn first-hand how shellfish are commercially raised and harvested, and how this valuable, green farming industry depends on good quality water. Join Norm Bloom and Harbor Watch Staff for this fun and educational experience as we board a commercial fishing boat off Norwalk, and see how oysters are harvested and processed. We will discover how water quality conditions affect the harvest of this crop. Earthplace’s Harbor Watch Program is working to improve water quality conditions in watersheds and estuaries through its local monitoring efforts at the on-site Harbor Watch/Bloom laboratory. Tour the museum which houses an extensive collection of shellfish memorabilia and artifacts about the history of this valuable local industry.

After the tour feel free to visit their adorable shop managed by Norm’s daughter Jeanne, to purchase shellfish harvested that day and other gifts related to the sea.

This tour is limited to 30 participants and you are advised to dress comfortably and bring a hat and sunscreen. WHS will provide bottled water and a light snack for all participants. To get a better view of natural wildlife, you can bring binoculars to see ospreys, gulls, terns, cormorants, egrets and other shore dwelling birds.

The tour is a $10 donation to WHS’s educational programs. Tour will be held on Tuesday, August 30 from 9:30am -11:30am. The facility is located at 7 Edgewater Place, East Norwalk. Please meet at the facility for the tour. Reservations are required. Email: sgold@westporthistory.org to reserve a spot or call 203-222-1424.

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