America’s Pastimes: Sports and Recreation in Litchfield @ Litchfield History Museum

This season, the Litchfield History Museum located on the Green on the corner of Rte. 63 in Litchfield has planned an exhibition celebrating the world of sports in Litchfield as it exemplifies one of America’s favorite generational pastimes.


Sports and recreation are universal experiences. Whether we make it to the big leagues or never leave our backyards, these activities play important roles in our lives. They promote health and wellness as well as leisure and relaxation. They teach us about competition, but also about working together. They help build teams and form lasting relationships. Above all else, they encourage us to move, to think, and to interact.


This exhibit highlights the role of sports and recreation in Litchfield from its founding to today, showcasing the stories and experiences of Litchfield residents, players, coaches, fans, and enthusiasts. To communicate the active nature of this history, the exhibit groups together sports, games, and leisure activities of both past and present based on the actions they entail, from swinging a tennis racket to playing a game of chess. The exhibit incorporates several hands-on interactives for visitors to enjoy.

So whether you want to swing a bat with the Tri-State Champion Cowboys, race your way through the Litchfield Hills, splash around in Bantam Lake, ride a high wheel to the town green, score a basket in the school gym or play cricket with the students of the Law School, this is one exhibit you won’t want to miss!


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