Confessions of an Urban Archeologist at the Westport Historical Society

Blogger and raconteur, Greg Van Antwerp has been digging in Connecticut for treasures from the past for over 35 years. His one-of-a-kind discoveries will amaze, delight and even make you chuckle. It’s a whole different take on America’s obsession with estate and garage sales. Among the many items he will share on February 28 from 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. at the Westport Historical Society located on 25 Avery Place during will be items from some Westport estates.


Join the Society for this sixty minute interactive presentation, when Greg Van Antwerp provides us with a look at some believable and unbelievable discoveries, taking pleasure in the shared experience as the audience reacts to the images that accompany each story.
Greg Van Antwerp confesses that from early in his life he has been looking for odd and interesting items at tag, estate, and yard sales. While in college, he would search these sales before going to work at a summer job. Thirty years later, this hobby has turned into a passion for research, restoration and storytelling.

In 2009, Greg began writing about his discoveries for a website he created called, “Confessions of an Urban Archeologist” ( There, he provides over 600 accounts of his most interesting “finds” with photos, short-subject documentaries, and background stories of how each item was uncovered. Greg’s take on urban archaeology is like most who visit these sales. “I am amazed at what is offered for sale – lifetimes of work, art, writing, travel, photography; evidence of the joys of living, and the challenges of surviving.” So much of what has come before ends up in a dumpster. While much of it should end up there, there is an equal amount that should be saved if only long enough to appreciate it one more time.

There is no limit to the things Greg has found – poignant, important, humorous. For example: the Purple Heart documents and news clippings of a soldier lost in Africa during WWII; the childhood home movies of a famous Broadway playwright; Glass negatives from the 19th century; a 1879 baseball catalog hidden inside an 1871 schoolbook; a doctor’s kit from 1920 . Every weekend brings another opportunity for a new discovery and another story to tell.
Space limited, registration is required, please call 203-222-1424, $5 Donation, Light Refreshments will be served.

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