Red Panda on Temporary Exhibit at CT’s Beardsley Zoo

Exciting news! The Beardsley Zoo on Noble Ave. in Bridgeport is the the temporary home for “Rochan,” a 16-month-old male Red panda.


Rochan is visiting from the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston while his exhibit space is being renovated. Look for him near the exit of the South American Rainforest Exhibit.

Hailing from the Himalayas and the mountain ranges of southwest China, Red pandas resemble raccoons and prefer colder climates. They are solitary animals and are nocturnal by nature. As an adult, Rochan, which means “bright” in India, is expected to weigh 10-12 lbs. Like their larger and better-known black and white cousins, Red pandas primarily eat bamboo but will occasionally eat fruits, berries, young leaves, and certain tree bark.

Red pandas are vulnerable in the wild, with fewer than 10,000 adult Red pandas in existence. For more information visit For more area event information

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