New Work by Christopher M. Magadin at Gregory James Gallery through Nov. 7

Christopher M. Magadini of Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., has earned a reputation as one of the finest landscape and plein-air painters in the Northeast with technically masterful oil-on-canvas works that marry Contemporary Impressionism with the naturalism of 19th-century American landscape painting—tinged with elements of abstraction—to produce a unique style “where the power of nature to stir the human spirit becomes paramount.”

Magadini Full Circle 6x9 oil

In his one-man show, running from Oct. 10 through Nov. 7, 2015 at the Gregory James Gallery in New Milford, Conn., the artist will be showcasing new, more experimental oil paintings that embrace non-objective qualities and abstraction. The public is invited to the Opening Reception on Saturday, Oct. 10, from 5 to 7p.m. at the gallery.

In the process of creation, Magadini asks himself questions such as, “What would it be like if none of these had hard edges, but had soft edges. … How can that be achieved?” That might lead to applying paint in ways that don’t involve a brush.
The exciting result for fans of Magadini and the Gregory James Gallery—where the artist has exhibited for more than 15 years—is a show like none before it, and also a first for Magadini. The exhibit will, indeed, feature both the richly evocative landscapes for which the artist is known—along with some representational figurative works—and “some paintings that are purely non-objective.”

Magadini The Outskirts 12 x 16 oil

The range is such that it might appear different artists are involved in the show making this show interesting to view. There will be approximately 30 works in all will be on display. Of that number, one-third will be new, more experimental works.

A former illustrator, Magadini’s credits include covers for Reader’s Digest magazine, illustrations and promotional brochures for Reader’s Digest Books, and illustrations for Guideposts, Angels, Field & Stream, Boating, Audubon, Flying, Women’s Day, Scholastic Books and Zebra Books. He has designed stamps for the United Nations and the current American Heritage Series Collectors Plates for Royal Copenhagen USA. Illustrated books include “Bible Life and Times”; “The Illustrated Dictionary of Bible Life and Times”; “After Jesus”; “A Passage to India”; “Great Disasters and Rodale’s Naturally Great Foods Cookbook.”

Magadini Paddock 12 x 16 oil

The exhibit at Gregory James Gallery runs through Nov. 7, 2015. The gallery is located at 93 Park Lane Rd (Rte. 202), in New Milford, Conn.
For more information about the show, please call the Gregory James Gallery at 860-354-3436 and visit

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