Supersale at Cornwall Bridge Pottery and Exhibition

As summer fades it’s time to return to the business of making and selling art and craft. At Cornwall Bridge Pottery located on 415 Sharon Goshen Turnpike in West Cornwall Connecticut they are busy making pots for their now-legendary wood-kiln. It’s the first and still largest wood burning kiln in New England. Built and first fired in 1974, it takes 6 cords and 10 days to load and fire. Once finished 6000 lbs of finished wares will flood their shelves. In order to make room for this massive influx they are clearing our shelves during this once-a-year SUPERClearance. During this weekend many of the items throughout the entire Store, not just the pottery, will be on Sale — kitchenware, frames, iron goods, home accessories and much more.

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In addition, in their 1500 sq. ft. Covered Bridge Gallery, we are featuring the work of Sybil Perry. Her show, “For the Love of the Land” featuring thirty NEW landscape paintings, will officially OPEN on Saturday October 10th from 3-5pm, wine and hor’s oeuvres will be served. On Saturday October 24th at 3 pm Sybil will be in Gallery giving a talk about the source of her inspiration and the techniques she uses when creating. She has said, “When I come upon a scene, it must be something that stops my heart and makes my throat ache. My process is first to take photos. I often combine several photos to arrive at something even better. My real love is color, and pastel— so fresh, alive and direct— is now my medium of choice. Pastels from the 16th century exist today as fresh as the day they were painted. I let myself “play with the colors,” experimenting to create the specific ones I
will use.


As an added incentive there will be a discount of 10% on all sales of Shaker furniture transacted during this Columbus Day Weekend period (good for ordered furniture as well as items from showroom floor). They will have ongoing demonstrations of wheel-throwing as well as discussions and in-depth videos of the making and firing process. They are proud to be one of the few truly native craft business still hard at work in the Northeastern part of the United States.

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