The Flutter Zone at the Maritime Aquarium Norwalk

Enter a magical environment all aflutter with exotic tropical butterflies in “Flutter Zone,” a special walk-through encounter that will be open at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk through September 7.


“Flutter Zone” will be open on the Aquarium’s riverfront courtyard, and will be matched wing-for-delicate-wing by the new IMAX® movie “Flight of the Butterflies,” The Maritime Aquarium’s six-story screen.

“Flutter Zone” features dozens of varieties of exotic tropical butterflies from Asia, Africa and South America, all free-flying among Aquarium visitors. In ‘Flutter Zone,’ you walk among all these beautiful butterflies and some of them may even choose to land on your head or arm. It’s one thing to see animals. But, as also with the Aquarium’s popular ‘Jiggle A Jelly’ exhibit, there’s an emotion involved, a commitment stirred, by physical connections – even with creatures as delicate as butterflies and jellyfish.

Visitors to “Flutter Zone” also can watch the life cycle of butterflies unfold, in a special section featuring the chrysalises whose metamorphoses will keep the exhibit stocked with flittering butterflies throughout the summer.


Displays also emphasize the horticultural and agricultural importance of butterflies and other pollinators.

Adjacent to “Flutter Zone” along the Norwalk River, The Maritime Aquarium is growing a “pollinators’ garden” filled with flowering plants that native butterflies specifically seek for food and egg-laying. Among these plants is milkweed. Monarch butterflies lay their eggs exclusively on milkweed, and their caterpillars feed exclusively on the plant. Recently, however, monarch populations have declined as property owners cut milkweed or spray it with pesticides. The Maritime Aquarium’s milkweed garden will be a certified monarch waystation designated by

Entry into “Flutter Zone” is free with Aquarium admission. For visitors with an aversion to possible contact with live animals, viewing of the butterflies is possible from outside the exhibit.

“Flutter Zone” is also a perfect complement to the Maritime Aquariums’s new IMAX movie, “Flight of the Butterflies”.

Get more details about The Maritime Aquarium’s exhibits, IMAX movies, programs and study cruises onto Long Island Sound this summer at Or call (203) 852-0700.

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