FFRANTIC @ Quassy Named One Of The Most Exciting New Theme Park Rides Of The Year

FRANTIC, the spectacular family thrill ride has made its debut at Quassy Amusement & Waterpark in Middlebury, Conn., this summer was recently named one of the 19 most exciting new theme park rides of the year by America Online (AOL ®).


FRANTIC accommodates eight riders in a circular configuration with the seats suspended on a huge pendulum. The seats spin as the ride swings higher and higher before doing a series of 360-degree flips. The topsy-turvy attraction is located near the Grand Carousel.

Quassy Amusement & Waterpark also features more than two-dozen rides and attractions. Popular rides in the park include the Wooden Warrior roller coaster, Music Fest, Free Fall ‘N drop tower, Paratrooper and the romantic Grand Carousel. Two Kiddieland areas cater to the tots with a variety of children’s rides.

On the shoreline of beautiful Lake Quassapaug, Splash Away Bay is the waterpark located on the lakefront with slides, cascading fountains and a splash pad for smaller children.

In the heart of the park is the Carousel Theatre stage with daily magic shows during the height of the season. Popular events at the stage include dance and karate days, an annual school music festival and a regional Irish dance competition.

Quassy also has a huge redemption arcade, restaurant, games, paddle boat rentals and excursions on Lake Quassapaug aboard the Quassy Queen. For more about the park visit www.quassy.com. For more area information visit www.litchfieldhills.com

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