June Workshops at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking

The Center for Contemporary Printmaking located on 299 West Ave. in Norwalk is offering a series of programs perfect for novice and master artists interested in the genre of printmaking.


On June 5-26 for example, the center is offering a 4 week evening workshop from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. on painterly etching. In these workshops you will learn to expand your painting or monotype style into the versatile world of etching. Participants will learn to make painterly marks on copper plates which can then be printed multiple times, allowing for endless color explorations as
well as edition printing. This workshop will cover various aquatint techniques that allow for different kinds of marks: spit-bite for soft, watercolor-like washes, sugar lift and soap-ground for clear brushstrokes, and stopout for flat tonal areas. Elisabeth will also demonstrate a variety of special printing techniques, including multicolor registration, inking and wiping à la poupée, and chine collé. Some experience with intaglio printing is helpful, but not necessary.

On June 6 and June 20, take a class with Roxanne Faber-Savage to learn about old plates and new prints and learn how to revive existing plates and create fresh imagery. The sessions are limited to 8 and take place on Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Using stack of oldies but goodies (etching plates, solar plates, collagraph plates, relief blocks etc), Roxanne will demonstrate a range of ways to print old plates in surprising ways. Demonstrations include traditional & non-traditional inking and wiping techniques, chine collè, overprinting, and printing on unusual paper sizes, textures and colors. Following these demonstrations, participants will explore individual projects in the print shop. Walk away with a variant edition or a stack of unique monoprints made from your own plate collection. Only non-toxic Akua inks will be used.


There will be an introduction to letterpress printing on June 21, 28 and July 12 with Amber Heaton on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Letterpress printing is often thought of in terms of type and text, yet there are a variety of exciting image making techniques open to letterpress printers. In this workshop, participants will dive into two of these techniques: photopolymer plates and relief block carving. Participants will learn the basics of printing on a Vandercook no. 4 letterpress, file preparation for photopolymer relief plates, and how to carve a relief linoleum block. Don’t miss your chance to learn how to incorporate the speed, versatility and precision of letterpress printing into your own art practice.


On June 27 there will be a half day workshop on Figure and the Monotype with Nomi Silverman. Participants in this workshop will work directly from a live model, working with printing inks in much the same manner as Degas. The work is then printed with the assistance of the instructor. Subsequent reworked impressions can also be pulled to achieve depth of color, or, as Degas frequently did, a second paler or ghost impression can be printed and used as ground for later pastel additions. This workshop is good for all levels and abilities.
For more information about these and other classes and workshops visit http://contemprints.org

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