Monroe Through Time’ to be launched at The Castle June 7

Hollywood icon Jimmy Cagney, master swindler Phillip Musica and operatic diva Lisa Roma appear in a gallery of illustrious personalities in “Monroe Through Time,” an illustrated chronicle of Monroe’s historic legacy to be launched June 7 (Sunday) at the landmark Castle on Route 111.

Castle-222 (2)

Their association with Monroe is detailed in a 100-page book assembled by the Monroe Historical Society that also reaches into the past of two additional women of accomplishment, Mary O’Hara, the author of the classic “My Friend Flicka,” and reclusive inventress Annie Moss.

What the houses and public buildings and landscape of Monroe looked like as far back as two centuries ago in contrast with how those same sites appear today is the theme of the publication and a backdrop for the profiles of celebrities—and notorious figures–who lived in town.

For the book launch, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Monroe Historical Society has assembled a package for the public-at- large, offering:

Tours of The Castle that developer John Kimball purchased from the Sisters of Nazareth in 2013 and has converted into his home and office space, preserving the native stone exterior, Dutch oven in the basement and fireplaces inlaid with rose quartz from an open pit mine off Webb Circle.

A copy of the book (published by Foothill Media, Concord, MA) with a wrap-around color cover depicting a bird’s eye view of the

Monroe Center Green in 1940 created in acrylic by David Merrill of Southbury who grew up in Monroe and recalls, as a boy, playing pick-up football on the green.

Lunch under an all-weather tent on the grounds of the castle, also free parking.

Membership in the Monroe Historical Society (established 1959), a volunteer-driven nonprofit dedicated to conserving Monroe’s heritage and the proprietor of three historic buildings.

Samplings of two beers developed by the Veracious Brewing Company (on Route 25) with names linked to Monroe’s heritage: a pale ale called “1823 Inc.” (the year Monroe was incorporated) and “Owd Boreas,” a double-red ale named after the rooster that supposedly belonged to the mythic witch Hannah Cranna.

Cost of the basic ticket: $60 (discounted to $35 for those already members of the Monroe Historical Society and a member of a couple requiring only one book). Reservations are required. For information: Marven Moss at or 203.268.2961

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