Two events blossom this spring at White Flower Farm

White Flower Farm dates back to the late 1930’s when two journalists from New York bought the property and took up gardening. With the curiosity of journalists, and the resources of New York at their fingertips, they quickly realized that American gardening in the 40’s was, with few exceptions, an intellectual backwater with little or no interest in new plants, original design ideas, or even modern cultural practices. It was, in short, a marketplace waiting for new leadership and White Flower Farm was born.


Today, White Flower Farm continues to collect and evaluate plants from around the world, discarding the fakes and weaklings and propagating commercial quantities of the very best for sale through three seasonal catalogues. The farm also maintains extensive trial and display gardens at the nursery and welcome thousands of visitors every year, many of whom take home plants selected at The Store.

This May, White Flower Farm is hosting two exciting events perfect for garden lovers. On May 9 at 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. White Flower Farm is hosting a container gardening workshop. At this “make and take” workshop participants can select their pots and plants and watch as the professional staff of White Flower Farm assembles your creation. Prices start at $45, which includes 5 annuals of your choosing and a decorative container. Other choices available for additional fees.


On May 15-17, White Flower Farm is once again celebrating the annual “Great Tomato Celebration” now in its’ tenth year. Visitors can choose from over 100 tomato varieties, seeds and seedlings in addition to vegetables and herbs.
White Flower Farm is located on Rte. 63 in Litchfield. For more event information at White Flower Farm

For more event information on all there is to see and do in Litchfield Hills

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