Elephants in the room at the PT Barnum Museum

On Wednesday, April 8 at 12:15 p.m., the PT Barnum Museum located in Bridgeport Connecticut is presenting a program called Elephants in the Room: Stories of Elephant Artifacts and Images in The Barnum Museum’s Collection a Sneak Peek.


This will be presented by Adrienne Saint-Pierre, the curator of the Barnum Museum. April’s Sneak Peek program focuses on the large variety of elephant artifacts in The Barnum Museum collection in celebration of the past event of Jumbo, the famous African Elephant, arriving in America after being purchased from London Zoo by P.T. Barnum on April 9, 1882. Some artifacts include the largest taxidermy baby elephant, “Baby Bridgeport,” the second elephant to ever be born in America was in Bridgeport, CT many years ago. A piece of famous white elephant tusk in the museum collection and a number of photographs featuring Victorian era elephants in photographs, post cards and advertising will be on display at the event. “Baby Bridgeport” was recently x-rayed by medical imaging faculty from Quinnipiac University. In the 1880s a color lithograph and handkerchief were created to celebrate the elephant’s birth, Barnum’s pride and joy.

No registration required. $3 Suggested Donation. Free for museum members and kids under 12. Patrons are encouraged to bring their lunch.

A program on Jumbo the elephant called Jumbo: Marvel, Myth, and Legend will be presented on April 19 at 2 p.m. by Dr. Andrew McClellan of Tufts University. This program explores the magnificent life of the late Jumbo The Elephant, a larger-than-life celebrity in the animal world. His legacy lives on today: “jumbo” is now an English adjective used to describe anything humungous. His image is also featured in many advertisements throughout the past, and a giant Sequoia tree in California now bears the same name. View little-known images featuring Jumbo and learn about his extraordinary life. Led by Andrew McClellan, professor of Art History at Tufts University and author of Jumbo: Marvel, Myth & Mascot (2014).

No registration required. $5 Suggested Donation. Free for museum members and kids under 12.

The PT Barnum Museum is located on 820 Main Street in Bridgeport CT. Call for more information 203-331-1104 ext.100, M-F from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information http://www.barnum-museum.org.

For more event information www.visitfairfieldcountyct.com

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