A Time for Stories in Washington at the Institute for American Indian Studies

The Institute for American Indian Studies traditionally believes that autumn is the season for telling stories that begins with the first frost. The Institute has planned a very special story session on November 29 at 12:30 p.m.


It is a time of great excitement as the Storyteller travels from village to village, from home to home. It is a time when everyone gathers around to share in this wonderful time, to hear what it was like when the world was new. Storytelling was and still is an integral part of the Native American tradition.

Stories were an important method of teaching the young; of passing down culture from one generation to the next. They hold many lessons and teach us the values of our cultures and show us how to live in our worlds. They often describe unacceptable behavior and express, enhance and enforce the morals and norms of tribal society.

Visitors are invited to join and enjoy this the time honored tradition of Native American Stories that teach, intrigue and entertain people of all ages. During this special time of year, gather with storyteller Janis “Four Hearts Whispering” Us, Mohawk/Shinnecock descent to enjoy her delightful and heartwarming traditional Native American stories.

“We tell our stories to entertain, but they do much more than that. They teach life’s important lessons — to young and old alike. Stories can explain the natural world around us and connect us to our past” (Janis “Four Hearts Whispering”Us) Please call for reservations. $8 Adults; $10 Children.

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