American Chestnut Tree Planting with The Greenwich Land Trust

On Saturday, November 15th, The Greenwich Land Trust will plant hundreds of American chestnut seedlings in partnership with The American Chestnut Foundation and the Greenwich Tree Conservancy. The mighty chestnut, once a dominant tree of Eastern United States forests, was virtually eradicated by an Asian blight introduced over a century ago. Today, very few American chestnuts remain, and those that survive do not reach their former stature.


After several decades of research to overcome the blight pathogen, The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) has propagated trees with qualities of the American chestnut and with disease resistance genes found in their Asian “cousins.” TACF now works with conservation organizations and other large landowners to further this research and establish local populations of disease-resistant American chestnuts.

The Greenwich Land Trust will be planting these blight resistant seedlings at our new American Chestnut Tree Sanctuary, an area with ideal conditions for American chestnut trees. The seedlings will be protected from deer and voles with a perimeter fence and tree tubes.
The public is invited to join in an afternoon of tree planting which will be held at our Duck Pond Hill Preserve, opposite 18 Burning Tree Road Greenwich, CT. Tree planting and information sessions will take place at two times: 1PM and 2PM.

Tools and refreshments will be provided. All ages welcome. FREE.
Rain date: Sunday, November 16th 1PM-3PM

This project is possible thanks to the support of The Greenwich Tree Conservancy, Private Donors, and Emerald Tree & Shrub Care.

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