A Jezebel Among Us In Washington Connecticut!

The Gunn Memorial Museum is presenting a one woman play based on a historic event that took place in Washington Connecticut one hundred and seventy one years ago. At that time, Abby Kelley Foster, a known Quaker Pacifist, Radical Abolitionist and Women’s Rights Activist from Worcester, Massachusetts spoke publicly in Washington, Connecticut. On Sunday October 30th at 11:30 am in the Congregational Church on Washington Green this fascinating story will be retold.

Abby Kelley Foster was twenty-nine when she broke with social convention dictating that women remain silent, submissive and obedient by claiming her right to speak out against slavery. In doing so, she helped lay the foundation for the women’s rights movement.

Foster was one of the first women to speak publicly against slavery and during her first speech a mob threatened to burn down the hall where she spoke. As a radical abolitionist, Mrs. Foster gained notoriety by traveling around the country as an anti-slavery lecturer and she was never derailed from her belief that all people are created equal.

Sponsored by Sheriff John Gunn and others, Abby spoke to large audiences in Washington, Connecticut in 1840.

The minister of the Congregational Church, Gordon Hayes, denounced Abby Kelley’s presence in town proclaiming her “a jezebel and servant of Satan in the garb of an angel of light with the aim to entice and destroy this church.”

Attend this event one hundred and seventy-one years later as Abby Kelley Foster “returns” to Washington to speak in the very same Congregational Church! The performace overseen by the Gunn Memorial Museum is a one-woman play based on Abby Kelley’s letters and speeches.

This exciting performance will immediately follow the 10:30 am Sunday Worship, which is also open to the public. A closing reception for the exhibit, Letters from the Battlefield: Stories of Washington’s Civil War Soldiers, will follow in the Gunn Museum across the street from the Congregational Church.

For more information visit www.gunnlibrary.org

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